Design Hotel – Accra

  • Luogo Accra, Ghana
  • Progetto Under construction
  • Tipologia Hotel
  • Superficie 12 400 sqm
  • Location Accra, Ghana
  • Project Under construction
  • Typology Hotel
  • Area 12 400 sqm

We used an African way of Design, refusing the common style, where the usual western way means fake architecture by the American standard dream. Also the growing countries can achieve their own way to face the contemporary lifestyle, without contradiction, with deep coherence with the rich local roots.
The “Design” or “Boutique” Hotel is a global experience to express a philosophy without limits by the local conditions, rather use them as the main value.
The hotel consists of 121 rooms and suites, 2 restaurants, a gym and spa, a conference room and 3 lounge bars.
The hotel is located in the “Accra hotels” area close to the International Airport.
The double skin façades provide  adequate thermal and acoustic insulation. Meantime, it is used as an excuse to create a zigzag shaped profile just by the different sizes of the cantilevered slabs.
This becomes the fascination of the tribal mask and art pieces of African forms and shapes.